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. what's the big deal? i'm just going to reason with him. go get abe. carl, you're my best friend in the world, but you're a hothead and a loudmouth. that's just when we have to play "good cop, bad cop." it's actually more "embarrassed cop and source of embarrassment cop." what's the problem? something wrong with your free food? listen, abe, i think you and samuel need to talk, you know? create an open dialogue. is this in any way to be considered official police business? no, just helping out a friend. then bye-bye, johnny law. you going to be a troublemaker? 'cause i don't need a troublemaker. hey, he's just a working man standing up for his rights. i wait tables, i wash dishes, i take out the trash. and all i want in return is the salary increase that you promised me. economic climate was much different when i make that promise. market crash! financial world go topsy-turvy. this is not morgan stanley, this is bacon and eggs! i don't have time for this nonsense. you go bus tables. don't you move. all right, all right. everybody just calm down. oh, oh. now you going to get in my
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were trying. i said there's a big mistake you're making. you need to do everything you can to support her having a unique connection with her children without your kids. even without the other of her kids. just to be with that child. every kid needs to have that unique relationship with their parent where you do things with them that you don't do with the others. i've got two boys. there were certain things i did with one that i didn't share with the other one. it was special. this is what we do. then with this one, here's what we do. and so these are my boys, jay and jordan. and, obviously, grown up now. but smiling. [laughter] you need to support that, not resent it. you resent her doing things with her children without yours there. and you need to do the same thing with him. you need to support him having some alone time, some unique time, some one-on-one time with his kids, and then we have time where everybody comes together. you're threatening the base of these children by fighting in front of them all the time because they don't want to hear it. do you want to hear it? do any o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3